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Fume Extraction System Servicing

Maintenance of a welding fume extraction system

Regular checks and maintenance of a welding fume extraction system is needed in order to be sure that the system performs at its best. Periodic maintenance is necessary for a stable and optimal system; therefore it is recommended to do regular inspections and replace the filters.

In many countries a yearly inspection is even obliged by law. We understand that our systems for welding fume removal are only supporting your business, but optimal performance of the filtration system is important to keep your staff healthy and factory clean

Service contract

Some of our Plymovent distributors offer service contracts. These service contracts include e.g. checking the system, cleaning or replacing filters, inspection of the engines and controls, cleaning of the fan blades and monitoring the air pressure. Worn out parts can be replaced on time, to prevent additional downtime. Another advantage is that the service contract can act as proof for the government officials that the system is performing as it should.