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Extraction Tables

The downdraft and backdraft workbench, DraftMax, is a combination of a welding table, an extraction and filtration system. The compact downdraft table can be placed everywhere, e.g. inside a welding booth or connected to ductwork. The DraftMax is suited for many applications, like welding, grinding and plasma cutting and you can also use the downdraft table for mixing powders.

Draftmax Models
The Plymovent DraftMax workbench is available in four versions.

DraftMax Eco is a downdraft workbench with an integrated spark arrester, but contains no filter cartridges. DraftMax Eco is suited for ductwork. It requires a connection to an external fan and filtration system.

DraftMax Basic is a workbench recommended for light to moderate welding and grinding activities. With the large filter surface, the filter’s efficiency is high and operational costs are low.

DraftMax Advance is a workbench fitted with a self-cleaning filter system. The effective cleaning system ensures constant and high filter efficiency. Cleaning of the filter cartridges takes place sequentially and ought to be operated manually. This unit is recommended for intensive usage.

DraftMax Ultra is similar to the DraftMax Advance. In addition, cleaning starts automatically as soon as the fan is switched off. It also offers the possibility of an automatic start/stop device making the unit even easier to operate.
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Viewing all 3 products in this category