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Flexible Extraction Arms

At-source extraction prevents the accumulation of welding fumes, oil mist or grinding dust in the workspace, protecting workers in the metal industry. Flexible extraction arms can be used as a method of removing dangerous fumes and dust when working on medium or smaller sized objects. 

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Is airflow monitoring important?

Previously in our blogs we have written about various protection methods for welders. For example, extraction arms or hoods for local exhaust ventilation and welding helmets with PAPR units. Providing your welders with the protection equipment is not the only step which needs to be taken. How can you be certain that the equipment is working as it should be? Your welders could still be exposed to dangerous levels of carcinogenic fumes.

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New Scientific Evidence: Welding fumes can cause lung cancer in humans

When metals are heated above their melting point, they vaporize and condense into welding fumes. Most people know that welding fumes are unhealthy and dangerous, however not everybody in the metal industry and where welding is being carried out if fully aware of the dangers. Most people are aware of LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) and personal protection equipment to minimize the health risks associated with welding and other processes.

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What is metal fume fever? and how can I prevent it?


Metal fume fever is caused by the inhalation of fine metal particles, a self-limiting occupational respiratory disease. Whilst the exact cause for this condition is unknown, its suggested that the primary cause is thought to relate to the inhalation of zinc oxide fumes produced when zinc-coated steel or zinc-containing alloys (e.g. brass) are heated to high temperatures.

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Supplied air respirators provide the best all-around protection

Welders need to be protected against hazardous fumes. Welders can be protected by systems for source extraction and general filtration and ventilation. They can also choose to be protected by respiratory protective equipment (RPE) for example welding helmets with a fresh air supply. Supplied air respirators are known to provide the best all-around protection for the welders themselves.

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WallPro New for 2018: A self-cleaning wall unit for the professional welder

Plymovent is proud to introduce the WallPro welding fume extractor with a built in automatic filter cleaning system. This unit has been designed with the professional welder in mind. The WallPro is suitable for a wide range of welding fume and other dust applications.

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The recommended method for weld fume extraction is at source extraction

Although fresh air is usually supplied by general ventilation, the sole use of general ventilation for airborne pollutant control in welding is usually ineffective. In buildings where welding is carried out, temperature control and problems of airborne contamination are important, and the provision of clean air increases. 

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How can you reduce the risk of welding fumes?

At source ventilation is always the most efficient and safe way to extract fumes and protect the welders. In addition, all kinds of measures can be taken to reduce welding fumes and its risks.

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Some coatings on metal can make the composition of welding fumes more dangerous

Welding fumes contain oxides of the metals in the materials being welded. If a welder is not protected by personal protection equipment and proper ventilation measures, they will be exposed to several health risks by the oxides of the metals. 

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Hexavalent chromium, produced from welding stainless steel

The process of welding stainless steel is raising increased concerns for the working environment. Chromium is next to nickel one of the basic alloy element of all groups of stainless steels. During the welding process, chromium is converted to its hexavalent state, Chromium (VI).

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What is welding fume and what damage can it cause?

When welding, glittering sparks and graceful curling fume are inseparable. It's almost a romantic image, with hard-working welders in the middle. However, the romance evaporates quickly when you understand what welding fumes are and what the composition may be.

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